Are you “stuck in your stuff” and asking for a way out, a way through?

Access Consciousness Learn The Bars® .

  • Are you “stuck in your stuff” and asking for a way out, a way through?Are you tired of the stress and trauma of everyday living?
    Are you heavy with the burden regrets ?
    How would it be if you could live your life more consciously? What if that could change everything in your life – your financial situation, your relationship, your relationships with people, your body and even the world?Does your body ask you what would it take to have less stress in your day ?What if you find out that it is a completely different way to do it to Be in the world? … One that would allow it to make everything in your life (the good, the bad and the ugly), came to you with ease and joy ..?Would you like to dissipate some of the mental, emotional, physical, and energetic blockages that are keeping you stuck? Would you like to enjoy some deep relaxation,to gift your body more ease and joy? Would you like feeling refreshed and full of energy?
    Start your awesome day Fresh and in a completely new way by learning Access the Bars®

    This energetic mind / body releasing method is basically deletes useless and unwanted programs off your hard drive of your computer bank (your mind ). It’s like literally the stuff you have stored lifetime after lifetime of drama and trauma so that those things are no longer in your file and they don’t just automatically come up as in reacting and resisting to a held point of view .

    Access Bars® is the beginning. This is a gentle and non-invasive hands-on body process that allows you and your body to begin releasing all the limiting thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had, about anything. Based on touching 32 points on the head, this technique is similar to deleting files off your computer’s hard-drive, more space becomes available to receive and create something totally new.

    How does it get any better than this

    Access Bars® is a FAST and EFFECTIVE and EASY way of releasing limitations that are keeping you stuck from ENJOYING YOUR LIFE!32 points on the head that when gently touched discharges stuck energy leading to:
    * Sense of peace and calm
    * Mental clarity
    * Vibrant health
    * Increased energy
    * Changes in addictive behavioral patterns
    * Reduction or elimination of pain
    * Peaceful and restful sleep
    * Receiving abundance with ease
    * Less reactive
    Plus much more….
    It’s like deleting the junk files off your computer!

    Access Bodywork Given Seal of Approval by NCBTMB USA

    Become a certified Access Bars® Practitioner and learn a dynamic hands-on process that can transform your body & life. For more information about the Access Bars® and to register for the one day class that can rock your world into a completely new point of view please see the link below for Class details and more information
    Learn Access Consciousness Bars One Day Class

    Appreciate All you Be with Gratitude Thank you so much for your interest in The Bars®
    Randy Szymanski Certified Bars Facilitator with Access Consciousness®

239 N.Mill Rd Addison IL 60101
239 N.Mill Rd Addison IL 60101

About serenity_mindscapes_netwerks

Hello and Great day to You I Be a Certified Access Consciousness Bars® Body Practitioner in Albuquerque New Mexico Access Consciousness® .. Hands on Energy Transformation Modality and so much more. Empowering People to know what that they know™ Oneness includes everything and judges nothing® Appreciate all of you With Gratitude Randy
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