Gifts from my Inbox

I received this email from Dr Dain Heer co founder of Access Consciousness ®
May I share an Interesting Point of View ( IPOV ) from the email
Hi My Beautiful Friend,
Recently I was facilitating a teleclass called  Money, You and the World Changing
(Replay  Featured on the Aware Show with Lisa Garr  ) and many of the people on the call were stuck on something they couldn’t change.  Today, I’d like to share what came up because one caller finally asked,
Do I have to figure out what it is to change it?
And the answer is not necessarily…
See, the beautiful thing is, in everything I’d ever done before Access, we always had to figure out what it is that was sticking us so we could undo it and hopefully it would change, except usually it didn’t change… even when I figured out what it was.
And this is a point of view that a lot of us have, which is “Once I figure out what it is I won’t do it anymore.
No, once you stop doing it you won’t do it anymore.
Once you make the demand, “I’m not doing that anymore,” and you actually follow through, then you won’t do it anymore.
The number of times me, or somebody I worked with, has found out why they did something but it didn’t change, is absolutely astounding to me.
So you don’t necessarily need to know the why. And if you need to, the why will show up, but usually what happens is, the why shows up after you’ve already changed it.
Why? Because you can’t see it on this side of the invisible wall you’re on.
It’s like, you’re on this side of the wall going, “Man, how do I get one the other side of the friggin wall?  Maybe if I find out why then I’ll be able to see what’s on the other side of this wall.”
No, once you go, “you know what, I’m jumping into the catapult, I am launching my ass over, and I don’t care who I leave behind.  I don’t care if I explode in mid air, I don’t care if I go splat into the wall.  I am not living this way anymore!”
That’s a demand.
And then you catapult yourself over the wall using some of the Access tools and then you look back and see, “oh my god, that’s what was holding the wall in place!”
You don’t need to know why and that’s the beauty of this.
What if from now on, the why did not matter anymore?
What if why you’re creating limitation doesn’t matter, but what if the why for what you’d truly like to choose, the underlining reason for what you’d really like to have in your life, mattered more than ever?
For example, what if you didn’t have to know why you’re creating the money situation you’re creating in order to change it?  But what if the fact that you’d really like to have a sense of ease because it would make you more joyful, it would allow you to do things for people you care about and contribute to things that are changing the world?
What if that why, which isn’t a why in the sense of the world, but what if that awareness became even stronger?
So everywhere you’ve been looking for the why, that you haven’t found, and therefore you decided  you couldn’t change whatever it was you wanted to change, would you destroy and uncreate it please?
Right and wrong, good and bad, POD and POC, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds.  (If you’ve never seen the Access Clearing Statement before, please read an explanation from the link provided
And what if every wrongness of you was actually a strongness of you?
Warm regards,

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Hello and Great day to You I Be a Certified Access Consciousness Bars® Body Practitioner in Albuquerque New Mexico Access Consciousness® .. Hands on Energy Transformation Modality and so much more. Empowering People to know what that they know™ Oneness includes everything and judges nothing® Appreciate all of you With Gratitude Randy
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