Part Two of … When did you become a slave to Abuse?

Part Two of When did you become a slave to Abuse?

As I listened in to the second segment of the call
” When did you become a slave to abuse?” The physical, emotional, mental and  more are mentioned  which is about  90 minutes long Blogtalk radio show updating you to a greater possibility of awareness  .When we have knowledge  we then can make a different choice . So what choices can I make today? What feels light and expansive is true for you , what is constructive and heavy your body perceives as a lie .
What lies are we living from someone else’s point of view ?
Listen in to Dr Lisa and Ricky if this works for you.  Live the freedom we truly Be with infinite possibilities in choosing what works for you .
Appreciate all you be 

When did you become slave to Abuse ? original post of May 18th,2013

What would the world Be like with less self Abuse and the Abuse of others
Awesome awareness from Dr Lisa and her journey  with Ricky Williams
yes that Ricky Williams the Retired NFL Football Running back and Heisman Trophy Winner

The more we are aware the better choices we can choose from
How does it get any better than that
Appreciate all you Be


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Hello and Great day to You I Be a Certified Access Consciousness Bars® Body Practitioner in Albuquerque New Mexico Access Consciousness® .. Hands on Energy Transformation Modality and so much more. Empowering People to know what that they know™ Oneness includes everything and judges nothing® Appreciate all of you With Gratitude Randy
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