What if Everything is Truly Okay ?

How was the weekend ?  Mine was expansive as I keep opening myself to newer possibilities   Have you met my friend Dr Dain  Heer who had a rocky life till he discovered
Access Consciousness and what a contribution it has been to my life & living
One aspect that changed is from a quote

“I thought all the stuff in my head was mine.  And then I discovered that it was actually all the stuff I was aware of in the world around me.  Do you know you can’t handle a problem that isn’t yours?  You don’t have to do anything about it!”
As someone who knows about a 12 step program and the serenity prayer  reading the quote made a huge shift in my recovery.
So you can ask yourself what would it take to click on this link and watch a 10 minute video from Dr Dain Heer as he expand out on his journey to where he is today  ‘Who does this belong to?’    What is right about me I am not getting is an awesome question that opened more doors.
You may desire to know more about Dr Dain Heer and Access Consciousness you may sign up for the free email series and more.In Full Disclosure I am an Access Consciousness Certified Bars® & Body Practitioner who lives in the Albuquerque area.    I am willing to expand out the tools and techniques which has expanded my life to anyone in the vast expansive universe in another post with links
With Gratitude and Appreciation



About serenity_mindscapes_netwerks

Hello and Great day to You I Be a Certified Access Consciousness Bars® Body Practitioner in Albuquerque New Mexico Access Consciousness® .. Hands on Energy Transformation Modality and so much more. Empowering People to know what that they know™ Oneness includes everything and judges nothing® Appreciate all of you With Gratitude Randy
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