What if Everything is Truly Okay ?

How was the weekend ?  Mine was expansive as I keep opening myself to newer possibilities   Have you met my friend Dr Dain  Heer who had a rocky life till he discovered
Access Consciousness and what a contribution it has been to my life & living
One aspect that changed is from a quote

“I thought all the stuff in my head was mine.  And then I discovered that it was actually all the stuff I was aware of in the world around me.  Do you know you can’t handle a problem that isn’t yours?  You don’t have to do anything about it!”
As someone who knows about a 12 step program and the serenity prayer  reading the quote made a huge shift in my recovery.
So you can ask yourself what would it take to click on this link and watch a 10 minute video from Dr Dain Heer as he expand out on his journey to where he is today  ‘Who does this belong to?’    What is right about me I am not getting is an awesome question that opened more doors.
You may desire to know more about Dr Dain Heer and Access Consciousness you may sign up for the free email series and more.In Full Disclosure I am an Access Consciousness Certified Bars® & Body Practitioner who lives in the Albuquerque area.    I am willing to expand out the tools and techniques which has expanded my life to anyone in the vast expansive universe in another post with links
With Gratitude and Appreciation


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The Judgements we carry are they really R’s ?

Hello and great day to you all I was reading a post  titled

What if your difference is what makes you beautiful?

One of the keys to truly have the joy of being you, is to stop judging what’s right about you and what’s wrong about you. What it takes is the willingness to be different: different than the people around you, different than you were yesterday, different than what everybody else considers is normal, average, real and the same as everyone else.

May expand out the possibilities of what that contributions this is  your Beingness
then click on the link above to discover and uncover the real YOU
willing to explore a new possibility if it works for you click on my name below and ask
How does it get any better than that /

appreciate all you Be
thank you



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Can Awareness Be the Greatest Gift for this Holiday Season ?

So you’re stuck on that gift for that special someone who appears to have everything… Really?
So what would it take to send this link of this expansive Human  Being expressing his awesomeness  to a family member,  friend,  coworker and more
The Awareness Revolution 

So what contribution can Awareness Be to  YOU and Your Family beyond this years Holiday Season

Did this peak your interest for more?  click on my name below for my FB page

Appreciate all you Be
Have an expansive Holiday with Infinite Possibilities
for the New Year
Did this peak your interest for more?  click on my name for my FB page

Randy Szymanski   

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Our youth setting a better example

Do we follow or do we lead by setting a healthy example
of what life can be to contribute to a person with a gift of kindness 
see original post  

On the Road: Middle school football players execute life-changing play

 What else is possible to Be the change for a better Universe 


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What If Potency Is the Capacity To Change Anything and Everything?

Awesome day to you All

Passing along the awareness of a Blog I follow that is expanding my Universe to greater possibilities The Awareness Revolution  what would it take to Be all of you
appreciate the Being you truly Be
with gratitude

Access poster from blog

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What would your Life Be when you Expand out Beyond this Reality

Awesome Google Hangout  The Aware Life Season 10 – Dr Dain Heer with Lisa Garr

Are you a Seeker or a Dreamer  who Knows there has to be something else to life as we know it
What would it take to watch the Video and expand out the possibilities to something completely different  Desire more Find me on Facebook  How does it get any better than this

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Change is possible 50 pounds of Judgement

Randy Access old 2012 pic So this is what I looked like almost a year ago when I started using the Tools of Access Consciousness and getting my Bars Run
I dropped about 50 lbs of Judgement



What a year of Changes

What a year of Changes

This is where I am today and still expanding to greater possibilities beyond the
Labels and Limitations of this reality
Wonder how this is possible  do you desire to know more ?
What feels light and expansive is true for YOU … what is Heavy Constrictive Dense is a LIE   So go with what you Know   Follow your knowing and follow the Joy
See my facebook page Randy Szymanski  you may also see
My company page Serenity Mindscapes Networks   where I also post the awesome gifts of Access and more

If this feels light  for you see our Access Consciousness Illinois Facebook page
Where other infinite beings post our expansive gifts we have for the universe
Ask and you shall receive So Ask does this work for me 

Appreciate all you Be
with Gratitude


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